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Alliance for Excellence specializes
in the following:

1. Coaching – We coach executives, high potential leaders, key players and board members to expand their effectiveness and enhance organizational success. Our customized programs are tailored to fit the unique learning styles and development needs of individuals, assisting them to reach their objectives.

2. Team Development – We help senior managers clarify roles and responsibilities, emphasizing the need for interdependency and organization-wide linkages. We design and facilitate leadership retreats to create alignment, enhance internal synergy, promote collaboration across boundaries and break down functional silos.

3. Leadership Development & Succession Planning – We enhance organizational bench strength by guiding succession planning and developing current and future leaders. We co-design plans with senior staff and collaborate on the rollout of internal processes and approaches for competency development.

4. Culture Change – We partner with leaders to design and implement culture changes that are aligned with an organization’s vision, strategic priorities and desired cultural attributes. We create multi-phased transition plans that include both high-level strategy and detailed implementation plans to embed a core culture.

5. Keynotes & Workshops – We deliver research-based, motivational keynotes and workshops on high-impact leadership issues. Topics include Building Trust & Transcending Organizational Boundaries, Action Learning: Developing Internal Talent, Team Building: Leveraging Cognitive Styles, Team Building: Capitalizing on Strengths, Understanding Needs, Enhancing the Effectiveness of Multi-Generational Workforce, Ensuring Others' Success, and Critical Success Factors for Managers & Leaders.




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